Here are some of the faces behind PPAHS …

Michael Wong, Founder/Executive Director

Michael founded PPAHS and has been the driving force behind its creation and direction to initially target the use of patient-controlled analgesia (PCA).

Like a serial entrepreneur, Mike has been behind many healthcare initiatives, including encouraging people to quit smoking, get tested and treated for hepatitis, and take their medications as prescribed by their physicians. As well, he has helped improve access to healthcare. And, because so many have asked, for Michael’s bio please click here.

Sean Power, Community Manager

Sean is the social media guru for PPAHS. Sean blogs for a non-profit medical and research foundation and has been instrumental in helping improve social media for organizations. He set up and manages PPAHS’ Facebook page, as well as tweeting for PPAHS on @mikeppahs

Sometimes Mike tweets, so we’ll try to get better at showing whether it’s Mike or Sean tweeting by putting our initials at the end of tweets (MW or SP) … but, if we forget, we apologize and remind you that this is all for a good cause — to save a life!

Briggs Adams, Editorial Manager

A former reporter, Briggs has been instrumental in helping PPAHS get better known by those in the media.

Briggs Adams is editorial coordinator PPAHS. A former journalist and long-time communications professional, Briggs has researched and reported on a wide range of patient-safety issues. 

Lynn Razzano

Lynn Razzano (RN, MSN, ONCC), Clinical Nurse Consultant

Lynn is a recognized healthcare expert and patient safety consultant has developed high quality protocols for academic institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and ambulatory surgery centers.  A RN for more than 35 years, Razzano is well known for advice on quality initiatives, regulatory compliance, and patient safety endeavors. Razzano is a writer and conference presenter on current issues like Affordable Care Act and known to be a strong patient advocate fluent in harm reduction and prevention strategies. Razzano was director of quality and corporate compliance for a long-term acute care facility, and instrumental in being a lead facilitator for The Joint Commission surveys where she has worked.

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