Physician-Patient Alliance would like to thank the following healthcare professionals for their thoughts and input on this safety checklist:

Dr. Christian Apfel (UCSF)
Dr. James Berry (Vanderbilt)
Dr. Art Boudreaux (University of Alabama)
Dr. Brendan Carvalho (Stanford)
Dr. Adam Collins (UCSF)
Dr. Saundra Curry (Columbia)
Dr. Rick Dutton (Anesthesia Quality Institute)
Dr. Atul Gawande (Harvard)
Dr. Mike Hawkins (Cogent Healthcare)
Dr. Andrew Kofke (University of Pennsylvania)
Dr. Elliot Krane (Stanford)
Audrey Kuntz, RN (Vanderbilt)
Karen Rago, RN (UCSF)
Dr. Krish Ramachandran (Carilion Clinic)
Dr. Adrienne Randolph (Harvard)
Dr. Julius Pham (JHU)
Dr. Peter Pronovost (JHU)
Dr. Dan Sessler (Cleveland Clinic)
Dr. John Williams (Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists)

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